Welcome to the farm

We run a 80 ha mixed arable farm located in the small Blekinge village of Olsäng on the east coast of Sweden where the beautiful countryside combined with a warm summer climate make a rural holiday special. We are Anders and Alina who with children Henrik and Hanna (including sometimes grandparents and seasonal farm hands) run a typical arable Swedish farm operation. We currently have about 30 or so beef cattle which help to keep the pastures and meadows in a beautiful condition. We are also growing a wide range of crops such as asparagus, potatoes, strawberries, garlic, cucumbers, artichokes and sweet corn. A great deal of this organic produce is sold in our farmshop along with mainly organic crops produced by local farmers.

We also rent out a delightful cottage which is very popular, especially with families holidaying with children who (with adults!) love to be with the animals and watch the various agricultural operations, including harvesting, and hay making.




Farm shop

At the moment, the Farm shop is closed for the winter season. Welcome back , when we will start harvesting asparagus around the end of April- begining of May.